Get Dedicated Help on Marketing Work

Accomplish much more in marketing with trained and experienced assistants that can help with existing projects - or drive new projects with added team capacity.

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Why FlowFaction?

Since 2009, our leadership team has built global teams for a wide range of clients. Through our portfolio of different brands, we have matched 100+ businesses with over 1,000 rockstar team members in areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.  

With FlowFaction, we help businesses get dedicated Marketing Assistants to help drive their growth at a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing agency.

Client Partners
Team Members
How It Works
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How To Get Started

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1. Strategy Call

Our leadership team has TWO decades of experience in marketing. We'll meet with you to understand your goals so we can staff a rock star
marketing assistant on your team.

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2. Hiring and Onboarding

We will hire a great fit assistant
from our pool of candidates
(we hire 100+ assistants/year).
Then, we coordinate a methodical onboarding process so things start off strong for you.

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3. Integration and Iteration

We'll work with you and your assistant to smoothly ramp up their work as they get to know your brand and your team. Things start strong, but a full ramp to rockstar status takes 45 days.

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Level up your marketing team. Let's chat!

Customer Feedback

“Our partnership has also led to our best sales month on record.”

Over at The Lighting Outlet, we run a pretty lean operation. Finding experienced marketing help in Australia had always been a challenge until we found this team. They've stepped up, taken full ownership of our email marketing, boosting it by 14% in no time, and our social media engagement has skyrocketed. It was impressive to see them mapping out our social plan for the next months almost instantly. Our partnership with them has not only paid off, but has also led to our best sales month on record. I can't recommend their services enough, especially if you're struggling with time or finding an experienced marketing assistant."

Tim Dennis
E-commerce Manager at The Lighting Outlet